Free Patient Rx Card is proud to offer you and your family a FREE DISCOUNT DRUG CARD. Simply print the free card below and receive savings of up to 75 percent (savings average around 30 percent). The Free Prescription Drug Card was launched to help uninsured and underinsured residents afford their prescription medications. However, the program can also be used by people who have health insurance coverage to get a discount on non-formulary (non-covered) drugs. All prescriptions processed through the program are completely confidential. This program also includes discounts on Prescriptions, Eyeglasses, Hearing, Nutritional Supplements, Diabetic Supplies, and more.

There is no limit on how many prescriptions you can have filled or how much you can save with this program. This program has the “LOWEST PRICE” logic to GUARANTEE that you get the best deal on your prescriptions.

           $1 Billion in the past 3 years
This is a FREE discount card. This is not insurance. This is not intended to replace insurance.
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"The best way to lower your drug costs. It’s free, open to everyone and offers discounts of up to 75%......." Self Magazine

“…..ringing up discounts to the tune of some $525 million…..”
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“Hands down, the finest prescription assistance program in the United States….”

“…keeping the neighborhood pharmacy the cornerstone of American healthcare” Pharmacy Times

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